Mososah needs your help to fund the Haiti housing watch

Slum development, multiplication of temporary shelters, persistence of IDP camps but also owners who can not find the means to rebuild their homes in Haiti, despite the billions pledged by international aid, access to decent housing remains a dream for the majority of families.

To contribute to the development of coherent strategies and practical solutions Mososah aims to create an housing Haitian observatory . This is not  a new humanitarian action, but investigative work and innovative analysis that will be critical to the overall problem, will help develop local expertise and will put the Haitian citizen inside the debate that takes place most often only between major donors and international organizations.

Thus, the housing observatory that we are asking you to support has set specific objectives :

– collect, process and publish information on the theme of housing in Haiti through a network of journalists and editors. Observe what is good and less good, collect the testimonies of Haitians, identify all ongoing projects and their caracteristics…

– prepare an annual report on the issue of housing centered on the priorities documented throughout the year and offer recommendations. This paper will analyze the challenges and success factors, to assess progress, to report failures, describing broad trends and draw attention to emergencies.

– eventually build a network of organizations and stakeholders involved  the housing sector and willing to share and publicize both their local difficulties and the solutions they implement.

To contribute you can donate via Paypal

Image Observatoire 2

If you are interested in making cash donations, please call Stephanie Moraille at 678-557-3500 and she will set up an arrangement to either pick it up or have you deposit it. The Morfiss foundation is our partner both in the US and in Haiti and they serve as our fiscal agent to receive donations here. Therefore you can make a donation to Mososah through MorFiss and your donation will still be tax deductible. You can also mail your checks payable to Morfiss to 2103 Millgate lane buford ga 30519. Please specify your name, address, email adress and telephone number so that we may acknowledge the donation once received and we will update the online donating system.

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